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Ways to find Brand / TLD Discovery

Discover IP Space

look for different asns prefixes v4 presents different IP ranges inside the CIDR notationwhois -h $(dig +short #finds CIDR notation for - finds ip address for websitecareful not to pick up shared hosting amassfind subdomains for each of of these ASNsamass intel -asn 123456#find more details about ip ranges/countries #useful filters org:"Tesla" #maybe some false positives

Discovering New Targets and TLDs

Find different attack surfaces which other people might not have discovered, ie from acquisitionsWikipedia search for search for org look for search for org look for search for org acquisitionsLinkedIn affiliated pages or similiar pagesReversewhois amass intel -d -whoisBuiltwith Relationship Profile look for anaylitical codes under ID # google tracking codes that are linked to different sitesGoogleDorks intext:"copyright tesla motors"ShodanDorks http.favicon.hash:81586312 # Jenkins favicon hash can narrow it down after that

Subdomain Enumeration assetfinder -subs-only offsecnewbie.comamass enum -d -ip setup config.ini file get access to a lot more data than baseline toolsubfinder # not used much but has a few extra sources subfinder -d -t 25 -timeout 5 -silentDNS bruteforcing + goaltdns + commonspeak --> massdns / gobuster3 massdns #download all.txt sed -e 's/$/' -i all.txt #adds to start of each line - overrides file massdns -r lists/resolvers.txt -t CNAME all.txt -o S > results #massdns much faster than gobuster but can get you blacklisted from dns resolovers - a lot of false positives and negatives rapid 7 fdns#download latest file here: pv 2019-10-27-1572199582-fdns_cname.json.gz | pigz -dc | grep -E "\.tesla\.org\"," | jq -r '.name'certstream certstream | grep -E "\.tesla\.com$" #Real-time certificate transparency log update stream


what is running, narrow down attack surface
builtwith.comwhatweb #follows redirection http-->httpsmassscan & nmap masscan -p1-65535 $(dig +short --rate 1000


shodan dork org:"Tesla" ssl:"Tesla" #accurate and can prove ownership to organisation ssl:"Tesla" http.component:"Drupal" ssl:"Tesla" http.title:"Login" 443.https.tls.certificate.parsed.subject.organizational_unit: Tesla Motorsgithub dork "" password "" key "" api #automate the dorking process - tool to be released​

Content Discovery

Burpcrawler crawl siteLinkfinder - similar to abovegobuster & recursebuster # recurse only does directory otxurls echo "" | otxurls | head -n 300 #attempts to find urls within alienvaultwaybackurls echo "" | waybackurls | head -n 300 #similar to above, you can get parameters back which can be useful when fuzzing​

Parameter Discovery

Automation #multithreads other tools interlace -tL domains.txt -c "amass enum-d _target_" -o siubdomains.txt -threads 20LazyRecon #outofdate but still good baseline
GHDB + others GUI tool

Username discovery

To find out what sites a user is registered:
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